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Maze Runner

Thomas just woke up he in a little box it moving it open in these people say high you look he looks around in the stuck in this big square he cant remember anything.He finds out that ably is the leader of what they call this place the glade out side the glade there is a maze in the maze there are the Grievers.The Grievers come out at night to kill anything in side the maze.see if Thomas survives and see what happens.


I like this book because it was very action packed and I recommend this book for 7-8 graders that like action book. 

The Terrible Two

— feeling sure
The Terrible Two - Mac Barnett, Jory John, Kevin Cornell

Miles was a prankster at his old school but his parents move so he want to be the new best prankster but the when he goes to school the principal car is parked in front of the school the principal thinks it him find out if he gets in trouble and see who did.  


It was a quick read and it was a all right book it was action pact and a little funny for me 


I think that book is for 5 and 6 grander that like funny and action packed book.